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It’s Friday! A pandemic is definitely no reason for missing out on the good music!

This seventeenth edition of Musicellaneous presents a mysterious and obscure band I bet you never heard of.

It’s the jazz-funk-fusion project Electric Outlet from Germany.


Electric Outlet, like some other exhibits of Musicellaneous, has only released one album.

This album is called On! (2006) and comprised by nine tracks. Despite the fact they are so little known, all band’s members are professional musicians who have participated in numerous jazz and fusion projects over the years.

The album’s description on Lion Music’s website states the music here was largely an improvisation. Yet it’s so well played one might think they’ve been performing that for a decade or so.

Genre-wise I’d personally relate them to 4Front and 7for4.


Electric Outlet. Photo by Lion Music.
Electric Outlet. Photo by Lion Music.
  • Marcus Deml — guitar
  • Frank Itt — bass
  • Ralf Gustke — drums
  • Tom Aeschbacher — keyboards


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