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Gee it’s Friday again! The fifteenth edition of Musicellaneous continues to introduce you to progressive bands having a 4 in their name.

This time I’m going to pull the American instrumental-progressve-jazz band 4Front out of my music treasure chest.

This project is as little known as it is fascinating. You will hardly find any information about it on the Internet, save for the band’s Facebook page.


Just like Ostura the band describes their music as “cinematic.”

They mention Rush, Dream Theater, Kansas, Porcupine Tree, Symphony X, The Dixie Dregs, and Genesis as their influences, but to my taste they’re the most close to our previous exhibit 7for4, maybe with more melodic and bluesy lines.

Most of 4Front’s tracks are composed by the guitarist Zak Rizvi.

Throughout its history the band has released three albums: Gravity (1998), Radio Waves Goodbye (2002), and, after a long break, Malice in Wonderland (2012).

The band’s music is instrumental with the only exception of a cover on David Bowie’s Space Oddity, a pretty nice one:


Photo by 4Front/Facebook.
Photo by 4Front/Facebook.
  • Zak Rizvi — guitar, keyboards
  • Joe Bergamini — drums
  • Frank LaPlaca — bass


Radio Waves Goodbye2002Radio Waves Goodbye
Malice in Wonderland2012Malice in Wonderland
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