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Friday! This fourteenth edition of Musicellaneous presents a little known yet extremely professional German collective with the funky name 7for4.

7for4 was founded back in 1999 by the guitarist and the band’s frontman Wolfgang Zenk. It has released only four albums to date.

But what albums!


The band’s music, almost entirely instrumental, reveals combinations of genres as weird as its name. You can find anything ranging from jazz to funk to prog metal to blues and even country.

All tracks are composed by Wolfgang Zenk, a professional guitar player who played and composed for Sieges Even back in the day. He’s also managing and teaching guitar at MGI Munich, one of the most renowned guitarist schools in Germany.

Their first album, Contact was released in 2001 and was immediately acclaimed by critics.

It was followed by Time (2004) and Diffusion (2008), and the last release to date, Splash, is more than five years old now (2014).

Strange enough, I can’t even say the group has developed professionally. Their debut album sounds just as good as the most recent one.

All in all, it will definitely be a valuable addition to your music collection.


Photo by 7for4.
Photo by 7for4.
  • Wolfgang Zenk — guitar
  • Markus Grützner — bass
  • André Schwager — keyboards
  • Bebo Hermann — drums


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