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Is it also Friday where you are? In this thirteenth edition of Musicellaneous we continue to learn about lesser-known yet very progressive bands with a three-word title.

Today we’re listening to Lost in Thought from Swansea (Wales, UK) which plays melodic progressive metal.


The band’s fate wasn’t peachy (well, whose is?). It was founded in 2007, released its debut album Opus Arise in 2011 and disbanded shortly after.

In 2016 the band’s guitarist David Grey decided to reform Lost in Thought and managed to find new members for it. With the renewed line-up the band has recorded and released Renascence (2018)—a pretty symbolic name indeed.

Actually, this last album is the reason I’m writing about them. Their firstling Opus Arise was a good quality work but nonetheless a bit too mainstream. In contrast, Renascence shows a good deal of progress (and progressive), which must partly attribute to the new line-up.

I love literally everything about Renascence: the composition, the arrangement, the vocals, and the instruments. Here, please enjoy:


Photo by Lost in Thought.
Photo by Lost in Thought.
  • Deane Lazenby – vocals
  • David Grey – guitar, back vocals
  • Diego Zapatero – keyboards
  • Josh Heard – bass
  • Chris Billingham – drums


Opus Arise2011Opus Arise
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