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Friday is always imminent! For this eighth edition of Musicellaneous I had to dig a wee bit deeper this time. So I’ve dug out one of the most mysterious characters of the instrumental prog who is hiding behind the Gru monicker.

And I do hope it isn’t related to GRU whatsoever.


This Gru guy is intriguing indeed. There’s next to nothing about him on the Internet. Actually, all I could find about him is that his real name is Piotrek Gruszka and that he’s from Masovia, Poland.

Which makes it even more amazing, that someone with such a low profile, not participating in other projects (save for a few tracks by his friend Widek) and not being enlisted with any label, is that talented. His mastering of guitar and sound programming are ming-blowing.

He managed to record and mix just one short album, which by the way turns ten this year, called Cosmogenesis (2010). The album has enjoyed great critical reviews back in the day.

Here, just have a listen (and keep in mind it’s all done by one guy):

Even though the sound quality is perhaps not quite up to par with studio releases, I believe it’s a phenomenal piece of homework.

Any follow-up?

You can find a couple of other mentions of Gru on the net. For instance, this track by Widek.

Or this brilliant version of Peacock by Katy Perry, remixed by Piotrek:

People keep summoning Gru in comments, demanding more music. Yet, no reply so far.


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