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Friday! This sixth edition of Musicellaneous features the model djent band Vitalism from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Vitalism was started in 2014 as a solo project of guitarist Ed Garcia, who recorded a single called Gradus.

In my opinion it’s a damn good job, it reminds me of one of my favourites, Intervals.


Vitalism is mainly about instrumental progressive metal, but not limited to that.

The single was soon followed by the Causa EP (2015), which sounded pretty eclectic. It nicely combines harsh djent riffs and masterly tapping guitar solos with folk Latin American tunes and acoustic parts.

The last released album to date, Sy (2017), has broaden the scene even further with a good deal of programming that added acid notes to their sound.

A must-listen. I’m eagerly waiting for their next works.


  • Ed Garcia — guitar
  • Lucas Moscardini — guitar
  • André Casagrande — bass
  • Marvin Tabosa — drums


Gradus (single)2014Gradus (single)
Causa (EP)2015Causa (EP)
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