Precision screwdriver set Xiaomi Wiha review

By Dmitry Kann 2 min read
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I like Xiaomi gadgets a lot and I’ve reviewed quite a few of them.

I’ve bought a set of precision screwdrivers Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver kit a while ago so now I can share my experience.


The packaging is a typical for Xiaomi white cardboard box, in this case proudly labelled with “Red Dot Award 2017 winner”.

Xiaomi Wiha packaging box.
Xiaomi Wiha packaging box.

The only thing inside the box is an aluminium storage case of a rounded shape.

The paper lint crossing it warns the user that the screwdriver is not to be used for live circuits or be given to children and that the maximal torque of 2 N·m must not be exceeded. It also encourages the user to “enjoy work.”

Aluminium storage case with the handle and the bits.
Aluminium storage case with the handle and the bits.

In order to open the case you need to press on its top side, and the plastic bit holder will pop out.

Opened case.
Opened case.

What’s in the box

After that you can simply pull out the bit holder from the case. Here’s the complete kit: a metal handle and 24 screwdriver bits:

Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver kit.
Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver kit.

Each bit is engraved with its type and size and the label “Wiha”. They all are kept in place with a magnet, which is highly convenient: if you just put a bit there it will automatically jump into place.

The handle also has a magnet in the nozzle for holding the bit, but that’s pretty standard.

Xiaomi Wiha in action

The handle is three-edged and it’s equipped with a rotating cap at the opposite end.

The Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver.
The Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver.

This three-edged shape provides quite a good grip, and the variety of the bits is wide enough for most purposes, like mobile phone (dis)assembly.

Xiaomi Wiha in action.
Xiaomi Wiha in action.

The bits are made of high-quality hardened steel, which distinguishes it from its cheaper analogues.



  • The screwdriver is not electrically insulated, hence not suitable for live circuits.


  • Great design and quality.
  • Sturdy and handy aluminum storage case.
  • Click-open storage system.
  • Magnets in the holder make taking out and placing bits back really easy.

Where to buy

The Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver kit can be bought on AliExpress for about € 16. ■

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