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Thank God it’s Friday! Which means it’s time for a next bit of my Musicellaneous micro-discoveries!

Our hero today is the prog-djent duo Victoria.


Victoria is a cooperation of the djent veteran Matt Garstka, the full-time drummer at Animals as Leaders, and the talented yet not-so-well-known guitarist Joshua (Josh) De La Victoria.

Victoria’s music can perhaps be described as mechanical and melancholic. Personally it reminds me of Mestís, a project of another Animals as Leaders’ member Javier Reyes.

Modern Value

In 2018 Victoria has released their debut EP called Modern Value. It featured 7 tracks and “28 minutes of exciting rhythms and vibey harmony in refined compositions.”

I’m not really into this type of melancholy and I’d normally prefer more “energy-loaded” compositions like those by Arch Echo. Nonetheless, it’s pretty interesting musically and I do think Josh has a potential.

The musicians have recently recorded two new singles, Kepler and Iris:

I’ll definitely keep watching their development.


Modern Value (EP)2018Modern Value (EP)
Kepler2019Kepler (single)
Iris2019Iris (single)

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