Sugar cylinders and coffee hemispheres

By Dmitry Kann 2 min read
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Today I’ve experienced a real paradigm shift. As I’ve found out, cubes are not the only shape you find sugar formed into (which has been my conviction for more then four decades to now). There also exist sugar cylinders!

Sugar cylinders.
Sugar cylinders.

I found these at a Lidl supermarket in the French Cannes.

The life will never be the same again.

And there’s also another thing on the subject of curvy.

In my post I’d like to highlight the greediness of Nestlé. Just recently it looked as if we’ve finally found peace with these weird tiny conic coffee cups—which didn’t even have a proper name, everyone would call them simply Nespresso. And you could finally find them in any supermarket.

They thought, well, it’s just getting too easy for our loyal customers, let’s make it a bit more engaging. So they’ve introduced cups of a different shape—totally not compatible with the existing system—and called it Vertuo.

Nespresso Vertuo cups.
Nespresso Vertuo cups.

They’re almost twice as expensive: starting at 60 eurocents a piece vs. 35-40 eurocents for the previous generation. Furthermore, to really challenge the customers’ commitment to Nespresso, these cups can again be only purchased at Nespresso brand stores or ordered via Internet.

Nespresso Vertuo cups.
Nespresso Vertuo cups.

To lure you in they’ve priced the coffee machine as low as € 79. Which is fine for them I guess, as you’re going to spend way more on the cups afterwards. ■

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