Update your subscriptions: the site is migrating

By Dmitry Kann 2 min read This post in Russian, in Dutch

Update: the new version of the website is now live; all comments have been retained and copied over from the old version.

Below is the original message:

A new version of yktoo.com will go live on Monday August 19, 2019. Not so much has changed in the looks of the site, but inside it’s totally different.

In this regard its RSS feed links will change:

  • Old: https://yktoo.com/en/blog/atom (Atom) or https://yktoo.com/en/blog/rss (RSS)
  • Current: https://yktoo.com/en/index.xml (RSS only) — as of 19 August 2019

An update is needed if you’re using an external aggregator service like Feedly.

If you are subscribed to email updates (executed by Feedburner), no action is required.

Why this change?

Just like the website of Yktoo Solutions, yktoo.com is reimplemented as a static website with Hugo. I plan to provide more insight and technical details on the migration later on.

The main rationale behind the migration was the streamlining and the simplification of site administration tasks, which became quite a pain over time. The complexity of running a home-brewed PHP application is to some extent to blame that I’m posting so rarely these days (apart from my being lazy, that is).

With this change I expect to manage much more frequent postings.

So check back coming Monday on the all-new yktoo.com website! And do let me know should you find any errors or typos! ■

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