The national temperature record is broken

By Dmitry Kann A minute read
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We’re four days into a record-breaking heatwave here. An “orange alert” (code oranje) has been declared in almost every province of the Netherlands:

Orange alert on the map of Holland.
Orange alert on the map of Holland.

The 75 years old absolute temperature record established back in 1944 has been broken yesterday.

KNMI, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, first reported the reading of 41.7 °C in the town of Deelen, but refuted the measurement later.

The current official heat record was registered yesterday, 25 July 2019, in Gilze-Rijen and equals 40.7 °C:


The air temperature has surpassed the 40 degrees mark in many places yesterday. This has never happened before.

The previous record of 38.6 °C was established on 23 August 1944.

Fans and air conditioners in most stores are sold out. There was a very similar situation exactly one year ago. Then the heatwave stayed longer although it was a little bit cooler. I seem to have bought the last airco in the country back then.

Luckily, the air should start to cool down tomorrow. ■

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