Sound Switcher Indicator2.2.0

By Dmitry Kann 2 min read
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It’s time to fulfil my promise, so please meet Sound Switcher Indicator version 2.2.0.

What’s new

There are the following two major differences with the previous release:

  • Support for virtual devices (#48) has been added: network sources and sinks from other PulseAudio servers are now also displayed in the indicator menu and can be switched to.
  • A Preferences dialog has finally arrived. These days you can easily adjust the looks of the menu using a GUI (which was previously only possible by editing $HOME/.config/indicator-sound-switcher.json). A corresponding menu item has been planted:
Sound Switcher Indicator’s menu.
Sound Switcher Indicator’s menu.

Preferences dialog

The dialog features two tabs:

  • The General tab allows to hide all inputs and/or outputs at once:
Sound Switcher Indicator: general preferences.
Sound Switcher Indicator: general preferences.
  • The Devices tab configures device and port display:
Device preferences.
Device preferences.
  • The Refresh button at top right reloads all devices and their ports so you don’t need to reopen the dialog after device removal or addition.

All settings are applied on-the-fly after a short delay.

Other changes:

  • A minor (yet breaking) change to the configuration file format. From now on the port configuration can only be an object (previously it was possible to use a string or false). This means you might need to update your config, which is a breeze with the new dialog.
  • A long-outstanding bug with misplaced device items (#55) has been fixed. Actually, the real issue is with GTK+ but I managed to work around it.

Ubuntu support

My PPA provides packages for Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic and 18.10 Cosmic (read how to install). Bug reports are welcome at the usual address. ■

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