The cutting edge of jogging

By Dmitry Kann 1 min read This post in Russian 0116

Our sports club has installed new treadmills, a quick googling showed it’s Matrix T7xe. They are very trendy ones, pure high-tech:

It’s the most advanced model, with buttons everywhere the creators just could place them. There’s even an auxiliary black-and-white LCD (you can see it just above the red emergency stop switch):

15-inch resistive touchscreen gives you a lot of information:

This is how it looks like when running:

Among other things which any conventional treadmill would have, there’s an iPod/iPhone connector. If you plug it in, you’ll be able to control it with the device buttons. There’s also a TV receiver (Vista Clear™ digital ready television), which I failed to start though (apparently the cable wasn’t connected).

All in all it’s much more amusing to jog now: my geek nature has a lot to stare at and to push on. ■

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