Vienna and Budapest ‣ Part 4. Vienna. Schönbrunn

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Schönbrunn palace

The Schönbrunn palace is situated in the Schlosspark (which simply means “castle park”) and is one of the best spots in Vienna.

Even horses screw up their eyes in enjoyment:

Just for the Easter, which will happen in a couple of weeks, huge eggs appear:

Beauty is all around—statues:

flowers (Golden Apeldoorn, yes, it’s in Holland):


The best sight opens up at the top of the hill. This is how the palace looks like from there:

A close-up:

This is a perfect place for making panoramas.

North view:

North-east view:

East view:

At last

What was the most memorable? A bin with a dedicated butt-shaped section for butts (this was the first thing I saw in the city):

“Viennese breakfast” (Wiener Frühstück) somewhere around noon, sitting in the sun:

A golden key attached to the wall for unknown purpose:

It’s now hard to believe, but all of the places above, and many more were visited in less than two days. It’s been intense, yes.

And to conclude, a small practical tip: if you plan to go around the city a lot, buy a 24-hour public transport ticket in a newspaper store:

It’s only € 5.70 and it allows you to travel with all trams, busses and metro within 24 hours from the first ride. Don’t forget to stamp it as soon as you’re on board.

Hungary is waiting for us. We’re going to the Wien Meidling station where we can take a train to Budapest.

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