Vienna and BudapestPart 1. Schiphol

By Dmitry Kann A minute read
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One bright, or maybe cloudy day we’ve fancied a trip to Vienna. A friend of mine got to know a pretty generous person willing to put up a couple of noisy fellows. (Russians believe in their unique hospitality, but is it indeed unique?)

We’ve been also advised to give a glance at Budapest, which is only three hours away by train. It was said to be a gorgeous place. We were also lucky enough to have a stay in downtown Budapest at a low price. So the story begins.

The post was going to be large, so I decided to split it into several parts.


Wheel of Energy 365
Wheel of Energy 365

The ingenious Dutch have constructed an attraction called Wheel of Energy365. The wheel advertises fund-raising for a cancer research project. It revolves 24 hours a day and, from my point of view, is in itself an interesting thing. Anyone can buy a privilege to run inside for €36.5 per hour. In the meantime a cute blue bird collects money from passers-by.

There are three lanes inside the wheel, so you can invite more people to join. Undoubtedly, it’s a noble project and I honour people started it, as well as ones signing up for it.


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