The Hague

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My first visit to the see in this year is as early as the spring itself.

That’s tempting, despite the fact that temperature is just above 10° C (and I don’t want to know what water temperature now is). The sun is shining, and the spring is peeping out the road bricks:

It’s vaguely visible on the horizon:

It’s falling down to the sand:

In other words,

But the crowd is only interested in eating and drinking. Restaurants at the coast are full of lazybones:

Who’s not afraid of cold water are horses:



and, traditionally, Dutch kids (who are remarkably frost-resistant):

Since I’m none of the above, I headed for a walk around the city.

The Hague

The Hague is not only famous for its beaches, but also for nice international courts and tribunals. Also the government resides here, and not in the capital.

They have a circus theatre with Mary Poppins:

Old houses of non-Dutch origin:

Loads of ancient cars:

A monument to the tax legislation:

A monument to a man strayed in a doorway:

The Hague is a special city, you can feel its history in its streets. It’s full of antique buildings, museums and foreign embassies. I’ll definitely visit it again. ■

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