Johannes Heesters Dec 3, 2011

Singer and actor Johannes Heesters, who was born in Amersfoort, is again in local news.

He turns 108 on the coming Monday, December 5, which he wanted to celebrate by singing operetta. However about a week ago he got fever and felt unwell, so he is in the hospital now. His 80 year old daughter Wiesje Herold commented: "In his 108 Jopie is no longer the youngest. But he is a jack."

Nowadays Heesters lives in Germany and enjoys big popularity there, but he is a rather controversial figure in the Netherlands: there have been allegations of him performing in the Dachau concentration camp in 1941. They have never been proven, nor have they ever been dismissed.

On January 24 this year 107 year old singer suddenly made an appearance in the Amersfoort De Flint theatre on the Pieter Erkelens' (theatre director) farewell concert. Lucas Bolsius, the mayor of Amersfoort, then stood up and left the theatre, so did some other people.

Johannes Heesters. Photo ©André van der Velde