4K UHD TV Samsung UE75HU7500: a complete review

Part 6. Location, conclusions May 25, 2015

This TV can be either attached to the stand or mounted on the wall.

The first option seems arguable to me: because of its huge size (and the related windage), the panel will sway at any breath. And it won't survive its falling down (neither will its owner).

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Part 5. AV format support May 24, 2015

The built-in video player features an impressive list of codecs and containers. It includes modern formats such as FLV and MKV, and even the recently introduced H.265 and VP8 (WebM):

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Part 4. Smart Hub and applications May 23, 2015

This TV has an interactive mode, the so-called Smart Hub, which offers the following four panels.

Smart Hub: Applications.

You can install free and paid application, for which a Samsung account is required. Out-of-the-box the TV has YouTube, NetFlix, Spotify and a bunch of others. Applications can be installed on an external USB drive. And, of course, you can update and uninstall them.

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Part 3. Accessories May 16, 2015

Even though this TV is a pricey, it doesn't stop Samsung from trying to earn even more on their customers. Selling accessories with a five hundred percent margin is a popular way to make money among vendors.

An HDMI cable isn't the only thing Samsung saved on. The TV is also lacking a camera out-of-the-box, which I definitely don't appreciate, considering numerous functions it's required for, like Skype or Motion Control.

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Part 2. Connect and control May 15, 2015

All available connectors in this TV are located at its rear side: Connector panel.

Namely they are:

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Part 1. Specs and unboxing May 14, 2015

As time passes by, TV diagonals grow, so do our appetites. TV screens of 50-55 inch, which seemed huge just a few years ago, are the mainstream nowadays and can be found in any decent electronics store. They also provide the best size to price ratio, as I reckon.

But screw the ratio! We're going to be looking at a 75" monster Samsung UE75HU7500 today, the exact model number is Samsung UE75HU7500LXXN (it's a Dutch variant of the device since I'm living in the Netherlands).

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