Dmitry Kann

About me

Hello there. My name is Dmitry Kann (Cyrillic: Дмитрий Канн). I was born and bred in Russia, but in 2008 I’ve moved to the Netherlands, which became my new home. I live in a beautiful town called Houten.

I’m a software developer and the founder of a small software company called Yktoo Solutions.

I have a number of hobbies to fill up my spare time: blogging, open-source software development, music, travelling, aikido and running. And in the past being a part of the Radiolaria duo.

I speak Russian, English, and Dutch. If you feel like contacting me, check out the Contact page.

About this website

Yktoo is my nickname, which is why yktoo.com came into existence. It doesn’t mean anything, really.

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