I'm ashamed of it, but this page is full of I's.

About me

Dmitry Kann

Hello there. My name is Dmitry Kann. I was born in Russia, where I grew up, studied and worked. Eight years ago I moved to the Netherlands, where I've been living up to now, in a beautiful little town called Amersfoort Houten.

I am a professional software and database developer working in a large international Dutch bank.

I have a number of hobbies to fill my spare time:

I speak Russian, English and Dutch. If you feel like contacting me, check to the Contact page to find out how you can do it.

About this website

Yktoo is my nickname, which is why yktoo.com came into existence. It doesn't mean anything, really.

Earlier I ran a number of other websites (dk-soft.org, phoa.narod.ru, devtools.narod.ru, yktoo.narod.ru, daletech.narod.ru, radiolaria.narod.ru), but at a certain moment I decided to merge it all with my blog and make something cohesive out of it.

Hosting for this website is kindly provided by Händle & Korte GmbH, who have also been hosting dk-soft.org for many years.

This website is powered by the Yii and Bootstrap frameworks.

About my blog

As mentioned above, I have a blog, which I started mostly for myself—to write down my impressions and emotions from events that happen in my life, while they're still fresh.

This blog was initially in Russian only, but with the increasing demand from my non-Russian-speaking friends it went bilingual. However, a good deal of blog's posts is about my perception of the life in Europe, so I don't translate to English things that I don't think would be of much interest for non-Russians. Sorry for that. (Maybe I simply excuse my laziness this way.)

Otherwise I blog about whatever subjects I find interesting: travel, computers, music, aikido and even politics.